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Let's hear what our clients say about JOBehaviors!

Mark and his team's in depth understanding of how to catalog and measure the human attributes that correlate with professional and career interests ensures their client's success. They know what job satisfaction and retention requires and they deliver.

Reg Welles
Rev X Strategies

Riverwood Investments, Inc. is a FedEx Ground Contractor with operations in the Houston, Texas and Alexandria, Louisiana markets. We are constantly recruiting for P&D and Linehaul Driver positions and have found the JOBehaviors Assessment a key tool in the recruiting process by filtering and prioritizing the large number of applicants we receive when we post a job on an internet job board.

The Internet allows us to reach a large number of applicants but we must screen them and work with the most appropriate candidates. Applicants apply for the job by taking the JOBehaviors Assessment which is accessed via a hyperlink in our ads (Craigslist, Indeed.com, etc.). I receive an email when an applicant applies summarizing their JOBehaviors score on safety and customer service, contact information and key questions to their driving history to ensure they would pass FedEx requirements. I then reach out to only those candidates that meet my criteria. I save a great deal of time by working the top 20% of applicants and focusing on getting the best qualified candidates on board.

Don Perry
President / Authorized Officer
Riverwood Investments, Inc.

Utah's Department of Workforce Services began using the Long Haul Truck Driver Assessment in February 2011. Since that time, we have provided 1565 assessments to customers requesting funding for Long Haul CDL training. This assessment is utilized during the initial screening for training funds and we require that an individual score a minimum of 3 on the assessment and meet all other eligibility requirements prior to receiving funding.

In utilizing the JOBehaviors assessment, we are better able to ensure we are placing the right people into this industry. Employers tell us that they are very pleased with the applicants that are completing training and have started employment in Long Haul Trucking.

Rebecca Banner
Midvale Employment Center Manager
Utah Department of Workforce Services

JOBehaviors has helped us become more effective and efficient in our recruiting efforts for hiring School Bus and Motorcoach Drivers. JOBehaviors helps us identify a highly qualified pool of applicants.

Since using JOBehaviors we have experienced a higher rate of success through our training programs. We have also seen an improved rate of retention of employees who have been hired since using this product.

JOBehaviors has saved us time and money!

Pam Martinez
VP of Human Resources and Risk Management

Like many carriers, Gordon Trucking focuses on safety and service. JOBehaviors is proving to be an effective tool to match driver applicants with that focus.

Steve Gorden
Gordon Trucking, Inc.

I wanted to share with you some results since we've implemented the JOBehaviors laborer pre-employment assessment test at our factory.

As you know, our previous hiring process included posting a job description online (craiglist, etc.), filtering through dozens of resumes and picking interview candidates based on a) previous work experience and b) their ability to create a resume. Results were disappointing to say the least. It took a ton of effort to get someone hired AND we still had high turn over rates – so we'd have to start the process all over again.

Now, we have each potential candidate take the JOBehaviors assessment at the time of application, by linking to the test in our Craigslist ad, our hiring results have dramatically improved:

  • We save time on the front end by only considering 4-star and 5-star candidates. I would estimate a 50% time savings.
  • We interview fewer, qualified candidates. Again, 50% time savings. After going through the process a couple of times, we now have high confidence that we're interviewing the RIGHT people.
  • The best and most important factor: Quality of employees hired and retention of those employees is much better than we could have imagined.
Lesson learned: In our field, having a great resume only means that you (or someone else) has the ability to create a great resume . It does not mean that you have the aptitude and attitude to be a great factory worker. Thanks to your assessment, we are having much greater success at finding and retaining the right people.

Thanks to you and your team!

Bryan Trullinger
Slingshot Sports

We have quickly seen the value of JOBehaviors in our driver placement process. The online assessment system has allowed us to expedite the hiring of drivers who are truly a fit for the career of professional truck driver.

The assessment began to show its value early on in Orientation Classes...the driver’s we’ve hired with JOBehaviors are compliant, engaged in the training, and enthusiastic about their new job. Even more -- once placed on the job, the higher scoring drivers have proven more productive and happy with their careers.

JOBehaviors is stunningly accurate at identifying the performance level of driver candidates and that is the real key to safety, productivity and efficiency for our customers.

Julie Behern
Director of Recruiting
Schilli Transport Services

Anyone in the trucking industry knows the hard times we’ve all faced and the ongoing problems with keeping revenue up and costs down in order to be profitable. JOBehaviors has figured out a way to increase your revenue and keep you profitable. The pre hire assessment test makes it possible for trucking companies to see exactly what kind of driver applicant you’re dealing with from the beginning of the hiring process. By using the pre hire assessment tool, you will see an immediate turn around in accidents, fuel mileage, late deliveries, OS&D’s and costly maintenance repairs. It’s a proven fact that trucking companies hire a lot of their problems but with JOBehaviors your hiring problems will be resolved by helping you hire the best drivers out there, the company will see a huge difference in the amount of money being saved, the increase in customer satisfaction and driver retention.

JOBehaviors is an excellent tool for any trucking company no matter the size, and with CSA 2010 upon us, what better way to help change driver behavior than by utilizing the pre hiring assessment tool. Thanks JOBehaviors for your commitment in helping providing a quality product.

Tommy R. Johnson
Safety Director
Vickers Distribution & Transfer, Inc.

I wanted to write you a letter of endorsement concerning the outstanding assessment tool that you provide and how this has impacted our driver pool.

Having taken the test to see for myself, what was involved, I became impressed with the structure and questions being asked. With CSA 2010 and our company being one of the test companies involved with CSA 2010, safety was at the forefront of our qualifications. We also are very concerned with customer care and how this relates to our drivers and potential drivers. Your behavioral analysis tool has accomplished this task with what I would term as amazing results. The drivers that are scoring 4 and 5 stars are the very same drivers that I receive calls on from customers who compliment those drivers on their professionalism and friendly attitude. They are also the same drivers that have little or no safety or OS&D issues, which in our line of business, which is an LTL/OTR multi-temp reefer operation, is of utmost importance.

The second area that has impressed me is the amount of time and money that we have saved by using the assessment in our pre-hire screening. I can immediately see the results, which gives me the opportunity to call a 4 and 5 star driver before they have finished completing their application. This shows the driver our desire to make them part of our team and I have found that my hire time is reduced in length. We have experienced a large reduction in time spent looking through applications to find that “just right” driver because the assessment is self policing. I have yet to receive an application from anyone who has scored under 3 stars. Before this assessment we would go through as many as 80 applications per month to find one or two great candidates. That number has reduced substantially to around 20 per month which correlates to a substantial cost savings for us and we now have only prime applicants to which we can get the best of the best.

I highly recommend this tool to any and all trucking companies that want to not only improve their profits but also improve their driver and customer retention. In today’s economy with companies reducing their spending this is one tool that will benefit every company and in turn it will benefit the trucking industry as a whole and most importantly our nation’s highways.

Buzz Hatwigg
Safety/Driver Trainer
Diversified Transfer & Storage, Inc.

JOBehaviors is identifying drivers with the work ethic and people skills needed in our industry. The higher scoring candidates are much more upbeat and positive. In addition, the drivers we have hired with the JOBehaviors assessments have had no preventable accidents. We are quite satisfied with your product and service.

Merle Rester
Corporate Safety and Claims
Merchants Foodservice

In 2008, Governor Mike Beebe announced an initiative to train displaced workers and other eligible Arkansans to qualify as truck drivers (www.TruckingArkansas.com). The goal of the program was to identify outstanding driver candidates who would be a good fit for the job and stay in the industry.

Our program is still on-going. To date we’ve assessed nearly 1,000 candidates with the JOBehaviors assessment. My staff and I have been very pleased with the flow of information and communication with your staff. The administration of the system and retrieving assessments has been executed with ease.

Your aptitude assessments have yielded great candidates. Our director of training recently stated that students enrolling through our program "were a cut above the rest of the industry."

On a personal note, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate JOBehaviors, and your dedication to customer support. Thank you for your contribution to the success of this program.

Shannon Samples Newton
Vice President
Arkansas Trucking Association

Consistent with our previous partnership on the U.S. Department of Labor funded Rapid Road to Recovery truck driver training project, you continue to deliver exactly what you promise. Your product produces exceptional candidates.

Thank you, so much, for your continuing support of our Truck Driver Training Initiative!

Mike Kennedy
Grants and Resources Administrator
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services P.O. Box 2981 Little Rock, AR 72203
Phone: (501) 682-3142
Fax: (501) 683-5915

ITI teamed with JOBehaviors on a Federal Grant to hire truck drivers. Of those drivers who scored high on the JOBehaviors screening test over 75% were still employed in the industry over one year later. Their screening assessment tool is well constructed and normalized over a very large database. This is a unique and excellent product.

Jim Voorhees, Ph.D.
Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Just a quick note to let you know that during a meeting last week with the Arkansas Trucking Association and the two training institutions that are implementing Arkansas' Truck Driver Training - Pilot Initiative, the school's training coordinators commented that the students we are sending them are "like night and day" compared to the folks that they typically see come through their programs. One gentleman commented that our trainees are the "type of people you'd want to invite home for dinner". The schools feel that this is a direct result of the JOBehaviors assessment being used as a qualifier for the program.

Mike Kennedy
Division Chief
Employment and Training Program Operations
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services

Since we started using the JOBehaviors assessment tool as part of our qualifying process, we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of employees that we are placing with our clients. Our staffing specialists report a reduction in "call-outs" and "walk-offs". And our clients report that they have noticed a marked improvement in the reliability, productivity, and attitude of our employees. In fact, when comparing our employees to the competition, 70% of our clients rate the quality of our employees "above average". In the world of light industrial staffing, having better quality means less recruiting costs for us and less training and development costs for our clients. With this tool we have found that our people "stick", we feel that we have a method to break the "revolving door of temporary workers". This tool, coupled with our system of service, has really set us apart.

Harry C. Franzheim
New Era HR Solutions

JOBehaviors is extremely valuable in helping us identify outstanding Truck Driver Training candidates. Our number one goal at Roadmaster is to make sure our students have a long and successful career in the trucking industry. JOBehaviors helps us better serve our students by confirming their compatibility and potential for long-term happiness in the trucking industry. I encourage anyone considering a career in the trucking industry to take advantage of JOBehaviors powerful job-specific assessments.

Thanks again,

Ken Whittington
Vice President - School Operations
Roadmaster Driver’s School
Career Path Training Corporation
Tampa, FL

February 7, 2007

Mark Tinney
JOBehaviors, Inc.

Hi Mark,

I have wanted to write you a letter for some time to thank you and let you know what a great assessment tool you provide. The "proper" use of your assessment tool had significant impact in so many ways to improve the operation of our three Tutor Time Child Care Learning Centers.

Your very thorough explanation of the tool and how to implement it was very critical in rolling out the program. My understanding of the tool enabled me to sit down with all of our Administrators to explain how it works, what the benefits are and determine a procedure for implementation. We decided that the maximum benefit of the tool is to have any candidate who calls or walks in the school to go on-line and take the assessment as the first step. Only those applicants who received three stars or higher were brought in for interviews. This was a tremendous savings of time for our Administrators who no longer had to interview every applicant, even as a courtesy. It also prevented the Administrators from hiring an applicant based upon their personality or just giving the right answers in the interview. It is no secret that Child Care Administrators are not highly trained or skilled at behavioral interviewing and probing techniques. This tool took that subjectivity out of the hiring process.

Not only did this reduce the number of candidates to be interviewed to find one good candidate, but in the long run produced far better employees. This of course reduced the turnover significantly of those hired from the use of the tool, improved the morale of parents, staff and children based upon teacher stability, all of which led to a more efficient operation with a higher profit margin, enabling us to pay our staff more and provide greater benefits, including an increase in the 401K matching program.

I cannot say enough positive things about your assessment tool. I will not hesitate to use it again in our next business operation and to recommend it highly to anyone who is seriously interested in improving their business operation in efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.
Thank you again for all your help in working with us to use this tool properly.

Jonathan Abelove
President, Edu-Kid, Inc.

JOBehaviors provides the best job-specific compatibility assessments I've seen in nearly twenty five years in post-secondary education. One of the great challenges we face in vocational education is making sure our students are a strong match for job training. We want to make sure our students not only graduate, but go on to achieve rewarding careers in their chosen field. JOBehaviors assessments provide invaluable insight to both people searching for their best career choice, and to the schools and employers providing training and jobs.

In addition, JOBehaviors helped our recruiters focus their time, energy, and resources on outstanding candidates who actually gave us permission to reach out to them. This led to a 29% increase in enrollment and improved the education experience for all of our students.

Paul Zagnoni
San Diego Golf Academy

Mark Tinney
JOBehaviors -"When Performance Matters"

Dear Mark,

Thank you for the excellent tools that you have allowed us to use over the past year. Our interview process has been a more positive experience. Not only are we more consistent but we have a great tool to help us to be objective in choosing who to have continue in the interview process. The online test is easy and effective and very thorough. The evaluation portion keeps on track and insures fairness.

As a small business having the access to the survey, inter view questions, and the evaluation questions have saved us time and kept us unified as a management team.

We hired a new Director recently. We used the director survey and interview questions as well as the evaluation questions at 30, 60, and 90 days. There is no question that this saved us time and in the long run money because we were able to think clearly and find better candidates resulting in a good hire.

It will be easy for me to recommend Job Behaviors to others in the industry simply because it makes our job so much simpler and gives us greater effectiveness.

Thank you,

David A Schwartz
Pastor of The Road Church
CEO Noah’s Ark Child Care Inc.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience with JOBehaviors.  Our first use of the JBI product was approximately 3 years ago.  We had an emerging need in our Philippines operation to rapidly assess our management team and to develop better hiring practices for key positions.  JBI created a custom solution for us based on your "standard" operating platform that not only met our needs but completely exceeded our expectations.  The system worked flawlessly and we literally experienced no downtime or operational challenges related to the system or process.

Since that initial engagement we have used the assessment platform in several instances on several continents and in all cases the system and reporting tools worked to our total satisfaction.

I would highly recommend your tools and processes to anyone seeking a reliable delivery system that offers flexibility, swift results, and multiple customization options.

If any of your clients would like more specific information please do not hesitate to have them contact me via email and/or at the U.S. phone number listed below.


Rodney G. Lewis
Sr. Director, Global HR
Planning and Organizational Development
Office Phone:  813-470-3280

We use JOBehaviors screening tools for all candidates. We will only send out 3,4,5 star employees. Our clients have noticed. Not using JOBehaviors for selecting employees is like driving blind!

Harry Franzheim
New Era Staffing