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Driver Retention Begins with Recruiting
Article from TruckingInfo

Sell new drivers on why they should look at your fleet as the place to stay. » Read More

Are You Hiring From The Bottom 30 Percent?
Article from Protective Insurance Company's The Quill

Baldwin & Lyons partners with JOBehaviors to help our insureds hire and retain qualified, safe drivers. They provide job-specific hiring assessments that are based on an in-depth job analysis with proven top performers. » Read More

The Benefits of Predictive Hiring
Article from Protective Insurance Company's The Quill

Baldwin & Lyons partners with JOBehaviors to help our insureds hire and retain qualified, safe drivers. The JOBehaviors team has spent the last 20 years developing behavioral based pre-hire assessments that accurately identify outstanding performers in the applicant pool. Their clients experience increased retention and improved safety, customer service and overall job performance. We asked Bob Howell from JOBehaviors to provide us with details on how your fleet can benefit from this service. » Read More

Recruit & Retain: Bestway Express: Finders keepers
Article from Commercial Carrier Journal

When Curt Singleton, director of safety and human resources for Bestway Express, joined the Vincennes, Ind.-based fleet 2½ years ago, the company was experiencing more than 90 percent driver turnover – a statistic in line with a recent American Trucking Associations survey. After researching solutions, Singleton determined the JOBehaviors compatibility assessment test would help select top-performing drivers upfront rather than go through the expensive weeding-out procedures later in the process. Singleton says the results exceeded expectations and resulted in lower turnover and more targeted recruiting. » Read More

Culling Turnover: Pre-employment assessment test helps Bestway Express find and keep the right driver
Resource Article from: http://www.TheDrivingTimes.com

For many fleets, the cost of driver turnover is a cost of doing business. But for those in the know, staying ahead of the curve - and competition - by lowering driver turnover rates means a healthier bottom line and increased profits.

"Absolutely", agrees Curt Singleton, director of safety and HR for Bestway Express, which operates more than 270 trucks while employinh more than 260 drivers. "With the cost of turnover pegged in the thousands of dollars for fleets, any double-digit decline in the fleet turnover rate, over the national average, means a hefty increase to the bottom line." » Read More

Coastal Pacific Express Welcomes JOBehaviors Screening Process

Coastal Pacific Express (CPX) is British Columbia's largets temperature controlled carrier and has earnd a strong reputation for doing thins right. CPX has high expectations for performance, customer service and corporate success.

As with most successful companies CPX understands the importance of hiring the right professional drivers. CPX has recently committed to utilizing JOBehaviors to assist in the hiring of the proper drivers. "We have been looking for a long time for a method to screen applicants prior to continuing the hiring process. This is the first program that targets professional drivers. We feel that this has the potential to drastically improve the statistical performance of any recruiting an retention program" says Kevin Johnson, Senior Manager of CPX.

The JOBehaviors' research team has 40 years of experience developing job-specific compatibility assessments. The online assessment system allows trucking companies to expedite the hiring of drivers who are truly a fit for the career of professional truck driver. » Read More

Hiring great drivers? Can you say JOBehaviors?

I really like numbers. Numbers manage business to some extent. My old buddy Harry Kowalchyk, co-founder of National Tractor Trailer School, used to tell me all the time, "What gets measured gets managed."

I often wonder how many companies know the cost of a poor performing driver and what the operating cost difference is between a good driver and the bottom 30 percent of drivers at any given company. What would it mean to the profitability of any organization if you could constantly avoid the bottom 30 percent?» Read More

Hiring Isn't Child’s Play for Leading Provider
Resource Article from ChildCare World: http://www.childcareworld.com/resource_article

The first thing a job candidate in the childcare industry is likely to hear upon submitting an application is, “When can you start?”

Childcare center owners and directors interested in more than an applicants start date are increasingly turning to an online job compatibility assessment developed specifically for the childcare field by Washington based, JOBehaviors.

Learning Care Group, the nation’s second largest childcare company, implemented the JOBehaviors Childcare Provider assessment as a central component in their strategy to improve the quality of education and care for the over 50,000 children enrolled in their centers nationwide. » Read More

Truck Driver Job Assessment Offers Roadmap
To Successful Career

Resource Article from Workforce3One

West Memphis, Arkansas- Calvin Graham, 43, of West Memphis, Arkansas was in between jobs and thinking of pursuing a trucking career when he ran an online search for truck driver training schools.He quickly discovered a link to the Rapid Road to Recovery Project (www.onestop.org) that offered free training for Arkansas residents who meet eligibility requirements.

The RRTRP, a joint effort of the U.S. Department of Labor and the Arkansas Delta Workforce Innovations in Regional Economic Development (ADWIRED) initiative, assists Hurricane Katrina victims, U.S. Armed Services veterans and Arkansas residents seeking to improve their lives through training and employment opportunities in the trucking industry. » Read More

Hiring & Rentention Strategies for Daycare Managers
Resource Article from DayCare Hotline

Over the past 15 years, I’ve consulted with literally thousands of childcare center directors on effective hiring and retention strategies. You would be amazed at how many of them rely on gut instinct when making critical hiring decisions. You’d be even more surprised at how many think they’re doing a great job…in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Surprisingly, the directors relying most heavily on intuition can’t understand why they’re constantly wrestling with high turnover and hard-to-manage staff. Still more can’t understand why the person they loved in the interview on Friday wasn’t the person who showed up for work Monday.

Don’t get me wrong. There are people with the rare gift for sizing up talent. The problem is very few people have this gift and the odds are you aren’t one of them. » Read More