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November 10, 2011

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Coastal Pacific Express Welcomes JOBehaviors Screening Process

Coastal Pacific Express (CPX) is British Columbia's largets temperature controlled carrier and has earnd a strong reputation for doing thins right. CPX has high expectations for performance, customer service and corporate success.

As with most successful companies CPX understands the importance of hiring the right professional drivers. CPX has recently committed to utilizing JOBehaviors to assist in the hiring of the proper drivers. "We have been looking for a long time for a method to screen applicants prior to continuing the hiring process. This is the first program that targets professional drivers. We feel that this has the potential to drastically improve the statistical performance of any recruiting and retention program" says Kevin Johnson, Senior Manager of CPX.

The JOBehaviors' research team has 40 years of experience developing job-specific compatibility assessments. The online assessment system allows trucking companies to expedite the hiring of drivers who are truly a fit for the career of professional truck driver.

Mark Tinney, President of JOBehaviors is excited CPX has signed on to use the service. "CPX is a respected carrier in North America that is continually striving to improve their service and customer care. We are extremely proud they have chosen JOBehaviors as a key part of their efforts to assess, hire and retain the best drivers possible".

JOBehaviors has been researched and endorsed by the TransRep Inc. management team. TransRep promotes selected products and services. In May of this year JOBehaviors and TransRep entered into a sales and marketing agreement.

Kim Richardson, President of TransRep Inc. has been very impressed with the JOBehaviors product. "Great products and services that help to improve a company's bottom line, save time and improves efficiencies. CPX has always been known to embrace innovation and technology and that is why they are an award winning company with satisfied employees".

For more information about this press release contact:

Kevin Johnson, Senior Manager, CPX 604-575-0983

Mark Tinney, President, JOBehaviors 253-857-5687

Kim Richardson, President, TransRep Inc. 905-541-3319