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The business of golf today is multi-faceted. The ability to obtain a career, as well as advance, in the golf industry depends on one's ability to understand the golf business, and regardless of playing ability, to be successful in the golf business, you have to understand the business of golf. We are talking about golf-educated individuals who not only understand the game, but are versed in the different types of golf facilities, how they operate, and what it takes for them to succeed. Employers are looking for people who understand the value of revenue generation, management, operations, and contributing to the growth and profitability of an entire facility or business.

The following behavior assessment is based on the responses of some of the top performers in the golf industry. Your results will show you how you stack up against these established and successful golf professionals. Remember…they are good! And they have been doing this for a long time. See how far you have to go to catch them.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics- Occupational Outlook Handbook

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